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After School

Upon enrollment of your student a detailed outline of the focus, movements and benefits our program has to offer will be sent to you. Once students begin to participate in different interactive sports, fitness classes and sessions and finish the created criteria for the first specific session they will receive their first Bounce Boot Camp dog tag complete with a camouflage silencer. But, the improvement in skill set and fun doesn’t stop there! Students can increase their rank. With each new criterion completed your student will receive a new custom colored rank tag (i.e. Private, Sergeant, Captain, Major, Colonel and the ultimate iron Jr. General dog tag). At the Jr. Generals dog tag level your student will receive Bounce Boot Camp apparel, free classes and the opportunity to coordinate and lead Bounce Boot Camp classes!  


How does it work you ask? 



Interested in learning more?  Get our attention through our contact page, email or call us at 516-902-6192.